Embeded Control Systems


Injection Control Systems

KIS provides practical applications of technology to companies that need additive injection control systems.

Additives are used for a wide range of purposes, from dyed fuel, as anti-fungicides in jet fuel, detergent for commercial dishwashers, wax in car washes, and more. All of these require precise control of additives injected in a delivered product. KIS provides computerized custom systems that can meet these needs. Our injection control systems are custom made for each application.

Rapid Development of Integrated Control Systems

One of the major advantages that Kranz Information Systems offers to its clients is incredibly fast feedback. We can develop and install a prototype in days in order to test ideas and validate concepts. If you are a business that appreciates rapid concept-to-prototype development, contact Kranz Information Systems.

Integrated on One Board

KIS has developed a one board system which reduces the size of the device and simplifies installation and maintenance.


The Injection Control System has been tested with a busy delivery schedule in tough Canadian winters.


The flexible nature of the board development allows KIS to easily customize it to specific client needs.

“KIS was instrumental in designing and building an embedded controller for our new dye injection systems. The expertise and customer service provided by KIS left us free to concentrate on solving our client’s problems.”Bruce Patterson (Owner of a custom Injection Control System)

See how our Additive Injection Control System was used for Dye-It Fuel Marking Inc.

CASE STUDY: Dye-It Fuel Marking Inc.

October 2016 marked the installation of the first Injection Control System built by Kranz Information Systems for Dye-It Fuel Marking Inc. Since then it has been used throughout the harsh Canadian winter by a fuel delivery truck of the Vanderhoof Co-op. To download the case study and full description of how the Injection Control System has helped Dye-It and the Co-Op to save time and money, click on the download button.