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Kranz Information Systems designs printed circuit boards and writes accompanying software for companies that use injection control systems.

Allan Kranz


Allan Kranz from Kranz Information Systems
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    10 years in Canadian Armed forces Reserves

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    Commercial Diver for Vancouver Divers and Contractors Ltd.

  • 03

    BSC in Computer Science from UNBC

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    Senior Lab Instructor Computer Science UNBC since 2001

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    MSC in Computer Science from UNBC



KIS was created in 1997 in my basement due to my fascination with all things computer. KIS has worked on various projects since it began. KIS has designed and built everything from eye-tracking systems for research at UNBC to micro controller interface boards.

In 2013 an opportunity arose to develop the injection control system. The in-place systems were large, heavy, and unreliable. I knew there was a better solution and after 3 years of development, the KIS Injection Control System was deployed in October of 2016. It has proved to be accurate and reliable under the harsh operating conditions of Northern British Columbia.

~ Allan Kranz

CASE STUDY: Dye-It Fuel Marking Inc.

October 2016 marked the installation of the first Injection Control System built by Kranz Information Systems for Dye-It Fuel Marking Inc. Since then it has been used throughout the harsh Canadian winter by a fuel delivery truck of the Vanderhoof Co-op. To download the case study and full description of how the Injection Control System has helped Dye-It and the Co-Op to save time and money, click on the download button.